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10 Interesting Facts About Shatta Wale’s New Signee, Yadark


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Ghanaian Music Space continues to give birth to many young talents. Despite several challenges, talents continue to flourish in the industry and trying hard to broaden their sovereignty and break borders, Yadark is no exception.

In this conversation, I am going to tell you about a new sensational troubadour ready to cement her name in the music space as a mainstream act. I mean Yadark, the name sounds curious? Just read on .

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Who is Yadark?

Meet Yadark, Shatta Wale's New Signee
Meet Yadark, Shatta Wale’s New Signee

Born Rita Bakai, known by her trade name as Yadark, is a 20- year-old Ghanaian songstress who is taking over the Ghanaian music slot and breaking frontiers.

Family Background

Much information has not been attained about her lineage; however, we divulged
Yadark was born to one Madam Linda Adjaho on the 1St April 2001at Akosombo, Ghana. She is the only child of her mum.

Growing and Experience

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Yadark Posing In A Photo (credit : Manuel)
Yadark Posing In A Photo (credit: Manuel)

Growing up, she has had to deal with adventures of life trembling her way through hurdles.
The young vocalist beholds shatta Wale, the African Dance hall king, as an Enthusiasm for her music career.

“Been through a lot growing up, that’s what built me as a person. Thought me to be strong and be me no matter what” Yadark told Pedawan Media Outlet

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Music Career

Yadark During A Photoshoot (Credit: Manuel)
Yadark During A Photoshoot (Credit: Manuel)

Yadark began music when she fell in love with the profession, she became addicted to music, heightening her fascination for it.
She started doing music at Nifa Senior High School, Ghana. Yadark understands commercial music, she reckons versatility is a way of reaching the top.

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She is currently signed to a record label that has shoved many young acts to the top, Shatta Movement records.

Her first official song comes as featuring with the owner of the record label, Shatta wale. The song was released a few days ago, making waves on the digital space, S.3x Life.

“Am a musician and a business person

I chose music because that’s is what I love and have always wanted to do ever since I can remember
Growing up, I was always listening to music.

I started doing music from senior high school but professionally I started this year.

I don’t have a particular genre I do, am a commercial artist. But I do dancehall and Afro Beats” she explained to Pedawan Media

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Facts About Yadark, Shatta Movement Records Signee

Yadark Posing With Shatta Wale: From Right Yadark, Next Captan, Next Shatta Wale, and last Ara B
Yadark Posing With Shatta Wale: From Right Yadark, Next Captan, Next Shatta Wale, and last Ara B

*Yadark is the only child of her mum

* She is versatile and Switches genres to meet the commercial market

* Yadark is into business aside Music

* Yadark is signed to Shatta Movement records

* Yadark’s first single comes as a featuring with shatta Wale, award-winning Ghanaian Reggae -Dancehall act

* Yadark is very beautiful, amazing public appearance.

* Yadark loves music, she sees Shatta Wale as inspiration

* Yadark social media platforms are :

Facebook: @Yadark Musiq

Instagram: @Yadark
Twitter: @Yadark4
Snap: @Yadark1


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Yadark is a 20-year-old Ghanaian songstress who understands moving her way to the apex. She is a businesswoman. Signed to Shatta Movement records, she already has the first single on the market with Shatta wale dubbed, S.3x Life.S.3x Life

Source: Pedawan.net

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