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Beef : Joint 77 Isn’t A Match Lyrically — Captan Goes Hard


Former record label mates Captan and Joint 77 are engrossed in a hot beef on social media. The two who were record label mates under that Movement records and formed part of the militant have exchanged jabs at each other on social media.

After being shown the exit door by SHATTA WALE, musician Joint 77 has blamed Captan for what happened. According to him,Captan snitched on the other parties of the militants which caused their exit from the label.

Their latest frictions come up after Joint 77 took to Facebook to throw fresh allegations agains Captan. He said

Captan you were the same person that come online to lie on your brothers that we are not any use now look at you sending a song i recorded long ago that i don’t even think about, you now telling people is a hit song so I should release it SMH send it to wale and tell him this because he came to dance with this song but didn’t allow and encourage me to release it ,see come out and say the truth or you will never 👎🏾 be my friend or brother you came to lie on us just because of some little money and favor you never even had, shame on you Captan you help Shatta wale to destroy the militant #shame

#UnstoppableEpComingSoon 🙏🏾”

Captan who is also gearing for the release of his EP replied “Your joints all make weak  u want take come my top?? I go break 77 of your bones ….
Take this advice yourself….

This didn’t end as Captan has gone on to comment under a post that Joint can’t last 5 seconds on a stage with him. He went on to say that when he was learning about the music and its business, Joint was sleeping.

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Interestingly Joint is yet to reply to this from Captan and we hope they keep this beef artistic as this beef will be beef of two students taught by one master. Images Of Captan’s comments are below.


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