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For men: 9 signs your girlfriend is a ‘wife material’

For men: 9 signs your girlfriend is a 'wife material'

If you want to set yourself up for lasting happiness, it is essential to choose a wife material, meaning that she demonstrates the characteristics of a good wife.

What is wife material?

As the name might suggest, the phrase “wife material” is used to describe women who have the qualities of a good wife.

While the ideal marriage qualities and wife duties will vary based upon each person’s preferences, there are several traits that most would agree make someone wife material.

  • She tolerates your quirks

Marriage isn’t always glamorous, so if she puts up with your quirks without complaint, she’s probably the one.

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This means she won’t make a big deal out of your annoying traits or imperfections.

  • She makes an effort to get to know your friends

Even when we enter into a marriage, we still need friends in our lives.

This is a sign that she has strong marriage qualities.

  • You find her attractive, even when she isn’t dolled up

Looks aren’t everything, but some physical attraction keeps the spark alive in a marriage.

When you’ve fallen for the woman who is meant to be your wife, you will find her beautiful when she’s wearing old sweatpants and has no makeup on.

  • She knows how to be independent

A wifey material knows how to be independent and do her own thing, and she is capable of making daily decisions without always needing advice.

  • She’s financially independent

There is nothing wrong with one spouse being the breadwinner or staying home with the kids, but one of the fastest ways to destroy a marriage is arguments over money.

If she is in the marriage just for financial support, this can be a red flag.

For men: 9 signs your girlfriend is a 'wife material'

One of the characteristics of a good wife is a woman who brings her job and money to the table because you know she isn’t just in it for the financial benefits.

  • She pushes you to be the best version of yourself

A spouse should be your biggest cheerleader, always supporting you and pushing you to reach your goals.

  • She is willing to try new things in the bedroom

Physical intimacy is an important part of most marriages, and keeping the spark alive can be difficult when you’ve been with someone for years.

A wife material will be open to experimenting with you in the bedroom because she wants to keep the passion in the relationship.

  • The two of you have shared values

You don’t have to agree about everything, but generally, having the same values is important.

For example, if one of you is set on having kids, but the other doesn’t want any children, this is problematic.

  • She shares responsibilities with you

This means you want a wife who can share responsibilities with you, not a damsel in distress who relies on you to take the reins in all aspects of your life together.

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