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Ghanaian Female Celebrities Who Look Weird Without Make-up


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Recently, Ghanaians and other nations have demanded that makeup should be banned completely.

The reason that generated such claims was, make-ups have become an avenue for deceptive agenda

Do You think such demand was rightful? Consider meeting a lady on social media with charming features, only for you guys to meet and things turn out to be different? I am sure you are a victim? Never mind.

The call for the ban of makeup cushions the dissection of this topic, “Ghanaian Female Celebrities who look weird without makeup”

Nevertheless, filters and make-ups have taken over the aesthetic environment these days and have elevated Social media girls and, some Celebrities who cannot live without them

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The list we dig into are;

*Afia Schwarzenegger 

* Fella Makafui 

*Wendy Shay 

*Moesha Boudong 

*Princess Shyngle


1.Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger

The formal actress who sprouted into the limelight with Delay’s show “Afia Schwarzenegger” is the first we are discussing

Despite making it on the show, she claimed delay paid her only fifty Ghana Cedis. Yes, that is what she said

Afia Schwarzenegger is very laud, she is one of few Celebrities who enjoy beef most and talk about everything without recourse of fear

Afia Schwarzenegger slaying life cannot continue without makeup and filters, available raw Photos are evidenced

Due to her outspoken nature, she has received much ridicule with her no-makeup photos

Nobody takes on Afia Schwarzenegger without mentioning her looks

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Recently, her back and forth with Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian insulting Character based in the US, labeled her “Fufufunu”, a name she has inherited and based on her looks

Afia is highly reliant on makeup, considering its ban poses a threat to her slaying Career

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2. Fella Makafui

Another big name, right? Fella Makafui is known from YOLO, were you a fan of the Television series?

She is married to AMG boy, Medikal, a Ghanaian rap act

When it comes to slaying among her peers, she is a possible competitor

The ewe lady, who snatched Medikal from Sister Derby, is well engrossed in Make Up, perhaps, it should be her close companion

Fella Makafui, unlike, Afia Schwarzenegger, has received less public ridicule, but her no-makeup photos plunged fans into a state of confusion, from afar, she was supposed to be different, but truly, she hides behind make-ups to remove all her pimples, shocking?

Despite that, Fella looks attractive with her Curves, one of her slaying strengths, who knows if she uses other methods for making up is known, never trust slaying Celebrities

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3. Wendy Shay

The Bullet Signee, Singer, Wendy Shay is next on the discussion

Wendy Shay Made her way into the music Scenes after the demised of Ebony Reign

One thing is clear, she is very outspoken and Enjoys beef; however, she sings beautifully and didn’t disappoint when thought she could not fill Ebony’s shoes

But, do you think she can live without make-up? The question for the gods.

Wendy’s weird looks had been the topic in town after her no-makeup photo surfaced Online

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Wendy Shay became the object of trolls, maybe because, she is a bit controversial

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4. Moesha Buodong


Moesha Boudong, Controls heavy shapes, she is known for slaying every day, she adopted Instagram and was using it judiciously

The mother of one looks very attractive under makeup, but without that dozens of unforgiven questions

Moesha Boudong admitted she went for plastic surgery to enhance her shape, but why she forgot her face, we cannot tell

Moesha’s no makeup photos are questionable

Don’t worry, you are not going to see her make up photos again, she has repented

A serious slay Queen now a Christian? The saying that wonders shall never end isn’t a thing of the past.

Expect no makeup photos from the repented Slay Queen, Moesha Boudong

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5. Princess Shyngle

When Princess Shyngle’s no makeup photo popped Online, Ghanaians went Loud Silence for ages, they did not believe that all that they have been seeing was just filters.

The Dark-skinned Ghanaian- Gambian actress, who has vowed never to marry because of her failed relationship and marriages, may, perhaps, turn you off without makeup

She is not all that popular on the list because she is less controversial, but she went viral when her tapoli(spatula) shape Photos took over Social media

Shyngle’s no Makeup photos Surfaced during her hubbub with her husband, and we believe she regrets not coming to live with her companion, makeup

At a glance, a look at Shyngle under makeup is outstanding, but the reverse?


Well, by now, You should know the list is highly dominated by actresses, so all that people see on Television should not Put pressure on You, Just plug makeup, and you are there

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Source : Pedawan.net



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