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How A Lady Deceived A Man For His Money And Got Married To A Soldier—Man Shares Details

Unclebless and Rubby Kle-name
Unclebless and Rubby Kle-nam on the left. Rubby and Husband on the Right

A man identified as Uncle bless has exposed a lady who got married this week.

Unclebless and Rubby Kle-name
Unclebless and Rubby Kle-name on the left. Rubby and Husband on the Right

In a post on Facebook, Unclebless, who we cited as a Film producer —and director, has lamented his experience with a newly wedded bride.

According to Unclebless, in a long tail of posts on Facebook, Rubby Kle-nam, who is unemployed, deceived him and smartly took all his earnings and ditch him to marry another man today.

Before exposing Rubby, Unclebless, who wrote: “Gonna give updates on a lady who pretended to love me and used me, bill me very well, and block me for no reason getting married today Saturday 19th March ☘️ full story loading ”

He went to share details as to how the Kle-nam lied to him and took all his hard earning while knowing she was dating another man who is a soldier.

Unclebless disclosed, at the time of dating Rubby, he queried her about the man she got married today, however, Rubby told him nothing was happening between them.

He, also, revealed how Rubby hid their relationship from the public and never loved him.

According to bless, Rubby is a chronic liar and has applied the same tactics on other men to strip them of their money.

He added that Rubby positing as an Immigration officer in her pre-wedding photos defines who she is and that she is a big-time liar.

He disclosed leaving everything to God and not wanting to talk much.

A few minutes later, he wrote: “Man down 😭 😢 and depressed I wanna oversleep now and wake up five days later to feel okay”

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Rubby Kle-nam Wedding Photo
Rubby Kle-Nam Wedding Photo




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