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How To Connect Your Whatsapp To Your PC

How To Connect Your Whatsapp To Your PC

How To Connect Your Whatsapp To Your PC.

After I wrote about how you can read your partner’s Whatsapp messages, a lot reached out to me wanting to know how they can connect their WhatsApp to personal computers.

Not to forget, those who learned how to read deleted Whatsapp messages also reached out to me to teach them how they can connect their PC to WhatsApp.

The numerous request motivated me to put these pieces together and share with you how to Connect Your Whatsapp To Your PC.

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So, if your primary purpose is to know how to Connect Your Whatsapp To Your PC, you shall learn that in these simple steps.

Why Do you Want To Connect your PC To Whatsapp?

How To Connect Your Whatsapp To Your PC

There are various reasons people want to connect their PC to the Whatsapp app.

1. It gives them a larger interface to interact with their friends via Whatsapp. In this way, they can easily interact swiftly

2. Persons connect their WhatsApp to the PC to master the keyboard on the PC. The more they type with friends the more they increase their typing skills.

Do you know any reason? What is your reason? You can add yours.

How do I connect My PC To WhatsApp?

You should already have the WhatsApp application in use on your phone before you can do that.

There are many ways people connect their PC to their computer.

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1. By downloading the Whatsapp Web application on windows

2. By Using the Whatsapp Web application online

3. By using browsers that come with the WhatsApp application in the default.

We are going to detail the number two, after that, you can apply the knowledge in configuring the others.

How To Connect Your WhatsApp To PC

1. Go to search on your browser, and type in WhatsApp web.

I suggest you used the default browser

2. Locate the site on the first search and click on it

3. Go to your phone at the menu. That is the three dots on the top corner and press on it, to locate the link device on the drop-down menu.

How To Connect Your Whatsapp To Your PC

3. Scan the code from the Whatsapp web.

4. Allow the data and the system to load your messages

Finally, your device is connected

Wrap Up

We shared how you can connect your WhatsApp from your phone to the PC.

We went through simple steps.

This is when you connect using Whatsapp web online

You can also download the Whatsapp web suite online and use it.

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