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Lady Recounts How IGP Saved Her Dying Father On Spintex Road


A lady has recounted how the new IGP, Dampare saved her dying father.

According to the lady, her dad’s stable medical situation was deteriorating and needed an urgent medical attention. Driving through Spintex Road was hectic due to the heavy traffic. She drove in the middle of the road to signal other drivers of the emergency.

She was stopped in the middle of the road by the Police and was interrogated. Likewise, she couldn’t talk because her dad’s life was nearly ending. The police calmed her down. She finally told them the situation.

The police was asked to escort her to the nearby hospital. She added that the drivers only gave way to the police leaving her to struggle on the road. The police, realizing that drove her and the dad to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, they again carried her dad from the car because he couldn’t walk. Her dad was able to stabilize

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A called came through, and she was asked about her dad’s condition. The caller again told her to call ambulance service next. After talking to the person on the phone, one police officer asked her if she knows the one she talked to. She was told that’s the IGP she talked to. He instructed them to escort her and the dad to the hospital

‘Caleb, Dampare saved my father’s life o, my friend ‘claimed’.

Mental note: ei so right now IGP turn doctor too? Dampare di asem be ba o!

I had called to check on the state of her father. And ‘Caleb, Dampare saved my father’s life o’ was the first response when I asked ‘how is he?’.

‘Why,is the IGP your dad’s friend?’ No, he is not. So how did you meet him and how did he save your dad’s life? The account goes as follows.

Her father’s otherwise stable medical situation was fast deteriorating. He had ‘poop pooped’ and ‘wee-weed’ on himself, become stiff – couldn’t talk nor walk. Panicking, she did the unthinkable.

The traffic on the Spintex road was mad! So she was drove in the middle of the road – jittery! Any delay, she feared would be denial of her dad’s life. That is if he had any chance at life.

But she was stopped in her tracks! Someone in the company of police men asked her what was wrong. She tried to signal her interrogator that she had an emergency.

Relax. She was told. Certainly, she failed to communicate. But she repeated her fruitless attempt at communicating her pressing situation.

My friend relax. This time, it was an order. When she managed to calm down and her situation was properly relayed, the man asked the police dispatch ahead of him to rather lead her to the hospital.

An angel must have lost his way in heaven to provide her light in her darkest moment on the hottest hour of a really bright day. But there was a challenge.

The drivers only gave way to the police dispatch ahead. By the time it gets to her, they blocked her.

The police upon noticing her struggle, took over the driving. Luckily they got to the hospital in time. And it took these same police officers to help carry him out of the car. Her father was stabilized. A call came through the police.

She was asked if everything was ok. She responded in the affirmative.

This man then advised her to call the ambulance next time she has an emergency instead of take things into her own hands. He expressed his best wishes and they said their goodbyes.

It was after the call that the officers with her asked, do you know who you spoke to?

No. She answered! Well, that was the IGP Dr. George Akufo Dampare! She tells me she was gobsmacked.

She had heard in her words, a lot of hype around the IGP that he is working, he is working.

But she hadn’t seen anything special bia! Today, she has been overwhelmed by the wave of refreshing professionalism and servant leadership the Ghana Police Service is blowing over the country under Dr. George Akufo Dampare’s watch.

She said, you are the one who writes plenty English. Please write for the world to know so they give him all the support he needs. He saved my father’s life.

Me: we all can’t wait for every boot shined by our taxes, to carry a heart of compassion like that of Dr. Dampare.

We can’t wait for every gun wielding uniformed man fed by our taxes, to look out for us and watch our backs as displayed in this story instead of the opposite.

While we wait for that day, it is not out of place to let the back benchers know, we are cheering them to the finish line of their pledge to serve with integrity by celebrating the sterling examples of their torch bearers. It’s not out of place.


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